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Interior Cleaning

Recomended wash for daily use cars
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Premium Wash

And wax plus interior cleaning

Recomended for all
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Interior and exterior cleaning

Recommended for daily use cars
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Extra Services


Leather is absolutely beautiful when handled and cared for properly. 

Cleaning and conditioning is very important.

Neglected leather can lead to dried, aged and torn leather.

This treatment

-Preserves the leather’s strength, durability and appearance.

-Penetrate the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils.

-Remove dirt, dust, and debris.

-Achieve the natural look and feel of soft, while maintaining a dry feeling


Scratches Removal

Light to deep scratches softening.

Employing professionals tools and skills we manage to soften most of the deepest scratches.

from 120chf.-

Per Hair Removal

If you have pets, this is the best add-on service for you.

can be booked with your interior cleaning.

from 40chf.-


Rain repellent compositions for glass contains nano-dispersed particles of titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide, they form a continuous nano protective hydrophobic layer on glass due to their high specific surface area.

The treated glass is self-cleaning when the car is moving – when water drops easily roll off the surface, carrying away dirt and the glass becomes clean.

Hydrophobic coatings of car glass spreads easily over the surface, fills in irregularities, eliminates glass optical defects formed by micro-scratches, chips and other defects. Coatings for glass create a smooth surface without glare and streaks, which increases driving safety (for example, in the oncoming light of cars), allows following the road without stress, and increases the driver’s reaction in an emergency.

Engine- Cleaning of plastic elements

Steam cleaning of the engine compartment and plastic elements. 


The headlights renovation and reconditioning is recommended for your safety and that of others.

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